How to have a Fang-Tastic Halloween, safely

Little superheroes, princesses, Ninja Turtles, Minions, Lego people, Doc McStuffins and other costume-clad children will be visiting neighborhoods on Monday night for Trick or Treating.

Kids of all ages will dress up as their favorite character or other creative costume, trying to collect as much candy as possible. Halloween is a fun celebration but can also have associated dangers. Here are a few reminders on safety precautions for Halloween:

Pedestrian Safety:

  • Cross streets at corners, using crosswalks whenever possible
  • Carefully look both ways before crossing any streets
  • Do not run between parked cars or dart across a street from behind a parked car
  • Assure children stay with and also cross the street with an adult
  • Walk on sidewalks when available, otherwise walk to the outside of the road, facing the oncoming traffic
  • Carry a flashlight or glow stick to increase visibility
  • Use reflective tape on the costumes and candy bags/containers
  • Trick or Treat in well-lit neighborhoods and at homes with outside lights on, which is a sign of welcome

Driver Safety:

  • Drive slowly and extra carefully in residential neighborhoods
  • Use extra caution at intersections
  • Be alert as children may excitedly cross the street unexpectedly or from behind parked vehicles and other obstacles that limit visibility
  • Check surrounding areas before pulling out of a driveway or parking spot

Treat/Costume Safety

  • Choose costumes that do not present tripping or falling hazards
  • Choose soft, short, and flexible costume accessories
  • Use cosmetic makeup instead of masks to prevent obstructed vision
  • Examine candy for tampering before eating
  • Check candy ingredients for children with allergies prior to consumption
  • Do not eat homemade treats from strangers

Additional Halloween safety tips can be found online through multiple resources, including CDC and Safe Kids Worldwide: or

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