Exciting New Air Ambulance Helicopter based in Baldwin County

Stapleton, Ala. – A new integral part of emergency medical services is now based in Baldwin County – Medstar Air Care 1, making it the first air ambulance to be based within this county.

Medstar EMS is excited for the new air partnership with Medstar Air Care 1. This new, community resource will provide quicker access to severely injured or critical care patients needing to be
airlifted to the hospital.

“This is a thrilling time for Baldwin County and the surrounding communities,” stated longtime Medstar EMS Chief, Mike Sandell. “By establishing an integrated partnership between ground and air
emergency medical services, the transition and continuity of care becomes more seamless and smoother for the patient.”

Medstar Air Care 1 is a Bell 407 GXP helicopter, capable of transporting one patient at a time; the staffing will include one pilot, one flight paramedic, and one flight nurse. Medstar Air Care 1 employs 20 team members; all of the clinicians have served in various capacities in the local area, including time with ground EMS and other healthcare entities.

“I am very proud to be a part of this new opportunity,” commented Chad Jones, Program Manager for Medstar Air Care 1.

Jones continued, “We are committed to providing this community with the highest level of patient care, and we believe the partnership between air and ground can elevate the level of service by creating a one team approach through coordinated training and other joint initiatives.”

Prior to his new role as Program Manager for the helicopter, Jones worked in multiple capacities in Baldwin County, including clinical director for Medstar EMS. He has nearly 20 years of experience in healthcare and more than 15 years of flight experience as either a paramedic or nurse.

Another advantage of this helicopter service is the air membership option for people to join, provided by AirMedCare Network. Air membership is very inexpensive and can be purchased individually or for the whole family. Joining the air membership network protects patients from unexpected transport bills and eliminates out-of-pocket expenses if the member is flown by Medstar Air Care 1 or any other AirMedCare member aircraft. More information will be coming soon about the air membership options. You can also visit http://www.airmedcarenetwork.com for more information.

The Medstar Air Care 1 helicopter will be based at the Stapleton Fire Station on Highway 59. The long-term goal is to relocate the aircraft to the new, E-911 center in Robertsdale.

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