Clinical Excellence & Quality

Clinical Excellence & Quality

Clinical excellence and quality are paramount values in Lifeguard’s culture. Consequently, Lifeguard invests in the development of our team development, safer technologies, fleet services and maintenance, compliance, clinical progression and outreach opportunities.

Quality Assurance/Improvement

Lifeguard aims to deliver the highest level of care by implementing QA/QI measures that are exacting and multi-faceted. This quality assurance and improvement process incorporates clinical protocols, standardized expectations, consistent documentation, training, QA/QI reviews, medical director oversight and any supplementary training that may be required.

Lifeguard uses electronic patient care reporting (ePCR) software that allows unprecedented access to data and facilitates infinitely more detailed monitoring of quality and performance matrices. Reports can be issued in real-time, so healthcare partners may receive a patient’s vital signs, EKG readings and pharmacological interventions while he/she is still en-route to the hospital or immediately upon arrival. Furthermore, the ePCR system facilitates a streamlined quality assurance, review process.

Education and Training

Education is a foundation of our culture and an ongoing priority at Lifeguard, beginning at the moment of hire. New Lifeguard employees are subjected to an intensive orientation process consisting of policy and procedure reviews, compliance training, clinical competency evaluations conducted by our chief medical officer and rigorous mandatory field training. Employees receive annual refresher training to assure adherence to clinical, safety and professional guidelines. In addition to required training, we also encourage team members to advance their professional skills through specialized certifications and the pursuit of knowledge through higher education. Everyone on the Lifeguard team is required to meet or exceed local, state and national EMS licensure requirements for education and clinical proficiency.

Fleet Services and Equipment Maintenance

Outside of our team members, Lifeguard’s fleet of ambulances and equipment is a major part of our service delivery. Lifeguard nurtures a proactive, aggressive and preventative fleet service program to ensure safety, quality, efficiency and compliance. As a result, our equipment and unit reliability and longevity are second to none.

Our ambulance units are manufactured and customized specifically for Lifeguard, boasting the latest in safety design and construction. Lifeguard employs a highly trained team of fleet service technicians to ensure the fleet is maintained appropriately. These individuals attend ongoing advanced training and achieve additional certifications in order to properly service and maintain our fleet of emergency vehicles, while meeting or exceeding manufacturers’ requirements.

The following information regarding the Aviation Consumer Protection Division is provided to comply with 49 U.S.C. Section 42302. The DOT Aviation Consumer Protection Division’s contact information is as follows:

Aviation Consumer Protection Division, C-75
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