Knoxville - Caring Heart Award

​Knoxville - Alzheimer’s Tennessee hosts an annual awards and recognition luncheon, honoring caregivers from the eastern region of Tennessee. Each year, the organization sends out a nomination letter to each healthcare facility within Knox County and 15 other surrounding counties, encouraging facilities to nominate team members that have demonstrated exceptional care in their handling of dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. This year was the first time that ambulance services were invited to submit nominations as well; Lifeguard-Knoxville was the only participating ambulance service at the luncheon. The luncheon booklet stated that the purpose was to “Celebrate the commitment to Alzheimer’s care and the ‘unsung’ heroes who go above and beyond when caring for those who face dementia.”

Lifeguard nominated AEMT, Missy Waldroop, for the Caring Hearts award. From the nomination letter: “We would like to nominate Melissa Waldroop (Missy) as our Caring Heart. Missy has been an EMT for five years and has shown great patience and compassion with those we take care of every day. Serving on the ambulance limits her time to interact with individuals, but she is quick to gain their trust. Missy’s main concern is to make their experience feel as safe and enjoyable as it can be. She states that ‘you just need to get inside of their mind and role play with them.’ Missy will do whatever is necessary for the transport to be a smooth transition from one place to another. She mentions that ‘the back of the ambulance has been everything from a World War II tank to their apartment.’ Lifeguard Ambulance is thankful to have Missy as a member of our team, and we appreciate the respect she shows everyone.”

During this year’s luncheon, 105 “Caring Hearts” were recognized for their hard work and commitment to caring for patients with varying levels of dementia. Congratulations, Missy, on this achievement! We appreciate all that you do for our team.

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