Chattanooga - Medical Call of the Year

Chattanooga - Each year, the Southeastern EMS Directors Association (SEEMSDA) holds an annual awards banquet recognizing EMS personnel of the year from the Southeastern Tennessee area for their efforts and dedication to providing the best patient care. Some of the awards included telecommunicator, first responder, medical call, paramedic, EMS service, and lifetime achievement award.

The individuals recognized for the “Medical Call of the Year,” were nominated by the STEMI coordinators from local hospitals. Two of Lifeguard’s team members, Mark Melville and John Miller, received the award for “Medical Call of the Year,” in recognition for their work on a STEMI alert. A female patient was at a non-PCI facility, experiencing a STEMI, and needed to be transported to a PCI facility. During transport, the patient’s condition deteriorated rapidly, and she had to be defibrillated twice in route. Although the patient had a prolonged hospital stay, she was later discharged home with no deficits thanks to the prompt and effective treatments of Mark and John, as well as the quick response of the hospital staff. She has now resumed her normal, daily activities.

As the patient was recovering, she expressed desire to meet the “men who saved (her) life.” Mark and John made a surprise visit to her, while she was still in the cardiac rehab department. After 18 years as a paramedic, this was the first opportunity that Mark had to go back and visit with one of the patients he treated.

Great job, Mark and John, on reacting quickly and helping save this patient’s life! Congratulations on your recognition and “Medical Call of the Year” award.

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